What are Jarrah Briqs made from?

100% wood waste: 70% Jarrah from demolition waste and 30% Karri from timber mill waste. This waste would all otherwise have been destined for landfill.

How are Jarrah Briqs made?

Jarrah Briqs are made by compressing sawdust with 10-12% moisture content. The end result is an extremely reliable piece of fire wood! No more mess, jagged edges or heavy lifting. All of our briquettes are subject to rigorous quality assurance tests to ensure that you receive the same great product every time you buy.

Do Jarrah Briqs require logging or deforestation?

No, absolutely not! All materials used to produce a Jarrah Briq are sourced from waste facilities.

Do Jarrah Briqs produce much smoke?

When compared to traditional jarrah timber, Jarrah Briqs produces less smoke.

Unfortunately, due to low supply of jarrah firewood in Western Australia we are seeing many more retailers with “green” wood, meaning it is harder to burn and produces more smoke. With Jarrah Briqs, this problem can be avoided.

Jarrah Briqs have approximately 10% moisture content – half that which is required by regulations. By burning Jarrah Briqs instead of other jarrah alternatives, you will reduce the smoke and increase the heat!

How long do Jarrah Briqs burn for?

Jarrah briquettes are compressed by way of hydraulic power to extreme pressures, allowing us to produce some of the densest firewood available. Denser wood burns for longer; on average we would expect to see approximately 5-7 hours from 3 Jarrah Briqs

How many Jarrah Briqs in a pack?

We currently offer packs of 5 Jarrah Briqs which weigh approximately 9.5kg per pack.

Do you offer bulk supply?

Supply and delivery of 1 tonne pallets will be made available to the public later in 2023.

How should Jarrah Briqs be stored?

Firewood briquettes should be stored in a dry, well-ventilated area to prevent moisture buildup as they will break down if they become wet. They should also be stored away from flammable materials and sources of ignition.

What delivery services do you offer?

Whether you require 1 pack for a camping trip or 100 packs to heat your home all winter, we’ve got you covered. In 2023 we will begin to offer the delivery of individual packs and a full pallet of 100 packs, directly to your door! Sign up to the mailing list to be kept up to date on delivery options.


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